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What our customers say about our products:

We considered writing our own MFC code, but such a complex task requires a dedicated project of its own. Another possibility was to write an extension to VC.NET, but we weren't absolutely sure that the different requirements of a real-time 3D app would be met by the .NET IDE-and we would have had to climb a steep learning curve just to answer that preliminary question.

In the end, BCGSoft ( came to our rescue with its BCGControlBar Professional MFC extension library. This robust component implements many of the features found in advanced IDEs such as Visual Studio .NET. It can handle floating and docking windows, and as a bonus, it comes with an editor supporting bookmarks, undo/redo, and even IntelliSense. So far, we've been really pleased with the results.

Christopher Maughan, NVIDIA, "GPU Gems", Chapter 30

Love what you have done! I have had several questions through support and they have answered them all very quickly. Thank you so much for your help and I think it made my product look much more up to date.

Brian Small, Blue Shoe Software LLC

I really appreciate your quick and competent support! Five stars from me :-)

Frank Kobs, Palette CAD GmbH

My experience with BCGControlBar was amazing. I have never seen in my life so may objects for windows MFC in so nice shape and easy to use. Also your examples are very good and ease to work with. Congratulations to your team.

Carlos A. Rabelo, Boole Software LTDA

Your excellent library made it possible to produce a very modern and cool looking application with MFC. Thank you for your hard work over the years to give developers such great tools to use.

Artur Czajkowski

I've been using your components since 2006 -- after a year spent evaluating various products. My software is used nationwide in the USA (since 1985) & your UI components have been a tremendous asset. Aside from the tremendous time savings, your components have proved to be quite stable, an important consideration given the variety of Windows systems we run on. And the ability to review the BCG source code and then make higher level additions or changes in inherited classes on my end has been a huge benefit as well.

Mike Norworth, MPN Software Systems, Inc.

Great library, I'm using it heavily for 14 years now.

Robert Riser, IDC EDV GmbH

I've been using BCG for nine years now, and I'd just like to say that I think you're doing a really, really great job!!!

Simon Hofverberg, Qualisys AB

I''d like to extend my gratitude for your prompt and effective support!

Takahiro Katsura, Yamaha Motor

I did buy BCGControlBar Pro, and I've used it to convert my application from MFC toolbars to BCGSoft ribbon and toolbars. I'm very pleased with the results. I found that the library had excellent flexibility, I was very happy with the response from the support team when I had questions, and I found the ribbon designer very useful.

Robert Fairlie, Kylebank Software Ltd

First of all I would like to tell you how much we are convinced about the quality of the library BCGControlBar Library Professional and the high range of available modern business controls. We know that this a result of hard work of implementing and testing today and also in the past and it is for sure not an easy task! Congratulations! Keep up the good work!

Rainer Buschow, Advellence

I'll just use this opportunity to say you're doing a great job and we really like your products.

Yaron Haruv, iSolutions Ltd

I am really a fan of your product and great support!

Rich Lamb, IXRF Systems, Inc

First I would like to thank you for an amazing product and superb support. I can't begin to tell you how thankful I am for this product and how well it made me look to my customers.

Adam Momtaz, Castapoint Inc

Thank you very much for all your help and your fantastic library. It fits almost exactly into our product and meets almost all our requirements!...

Markus Kuehl, CoCreate Software GmbH, A Hewlett-Packard Company

The BCGControlBar Library is, without a doubt, the most elegant MFC extension library I have seen. Your product enabled me to add a ton of features to my applications with an absolute minimum effort...

Corey Mingo, Digital Graphiti

I must say that I am very impressed and pleased with your Tech Support.

Tom Huberty, Jasc Software

I must say you guys respond real quick. This definitely gives your product an edge over some of the competing libraries. Keep up the good work!

Bendik Engebretsen

First, I want to thank you for creating a great product with a high level of coding style and robustness. Keep on!

Eldad Kuperman, Texas Instruments

BCGControlBar library extension, this is the most awesome set of classes and MFC programmability in the world...KEEP up the good work.

Dave Johnson

I downloaded BCGControlBar this morning and I am impressed! The other toolbar/menu classes I've used pale in comparison....

Mark Tutt, MICROS

...It took MFC programming to a whole new level... A million thanks!....

Mr. Andrew F. Artajos

Thanks for the great update of BCGControlBar ! I'm using your library extensively and updates like these keep the look and feel of the applications up to date. I especially like the new Office/Windows 2000 menus...

Maarten Hoeben, No Wires Needed BV

I've been using your classes for a few months now and I think you've done a fantastic job...I've been using your classes for a few months now and I think you've done a fantastic job...

Andrew Bray

First - GREAT WORK! I have an IMMEDIATE need for the excellent code you have produced

Bill M. Sprague

Thanks for providing such a great library!

Brun, Brian J, Intergraph

This library looks great! It must have been a ton of work!... Every day I'm more and more impressed with this product! And that really means something since my jaw was on the floor the first time I ever looked at it. Thanks a TON and PLEASE keep up the most excellent work!

Kevin Cook

Great Job on this library. It really is incredible

Matt Gundersen,

Great work. I visited your website when looking for MS-Office style toolbars in MFC and had a chance to play with your BCGControls. You have done an excellent job.

Raj Raman Sr. software engineer McKesson, HBOC -ISG

I'm extremely impressed with your library... You're attention to detail and in-depth knowledge of your product has made it one of the best frameworks available today. I hope that you keep up the good work

John Young, Young Associates

We have been looking for a method of implementing user-customizable toolbars in our program, and frankly your BCGControlBar is the best implementation we've seen

Jason Tripp, Tee-Lok Truss Engineering Corp

Nice library. Excellent....I've completely converted my project to use your library....

Tom Brinkman

After seeing the source and seeing this in action, I am SURE there are tons of places where I can put your beautifully written classes to good use. Thanks for a fine product!

Mike Pudelko

I am so happy to see that you are continuing to improve the library with the latest trends in visual interfaces! It keeps our application looking top of the line! Thanks so much for a great product and your hard work!

Dan Smith, Algenta Technologies

Keep it up, you're doing a great job!

Torgeir Hagland

Great stuff - I've worked with all the other toolkits ... and was very impressed when I switched over to BCG. Keep up the good work!

Alex D. Mawhinney

The product is just one step above all the others.

Iuri Apollonio

You guys have done a great job!

Anthony Tintera

Congratulations for the very very very good product!

Fabio Falsini

It's the King in its class. Thank you very much.

Nguyen Trong Dung

Very good Job done!

Michael Brandl

I find the product very, very good. Excellent! And I am pleased with the quality of the answers I have received from support... Again, I feel your product is excellent! Please keep up the great work...and to put simply: Thank you!

Darach Foskett

In my opinion, Your product is so Good that I was very lucky to discover it and had the possibility to use it.

Marcello Carmelo, Palano

I should mention that I'm very impressed with the functionality provided by the library and look forward to implementing our product using your classes.

Chris Coble, SmartSound Software

Yep I really look forward to seeing how you guys did what you did. All of my attempts in the past to create a GUI framework are no way as good at yours. Can't wait to get the new version ASAP! :)

Jusitn Duff
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