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BCGControlBar for .NET

BCGControlBar Library for .NET

What is BCGControlBar Library for .NET?

BCGControlBar Library for .NET is a 100% managed code toolkit that is written in C++/CLI and targets Microsoft .NET Framework version 2.0 or higher. The library contains a number of highly customizable, fully designable components that enable you to create the most sophisticated user interface. The library includes fully-customizable Office 2000-2016-style toolbars and menus, VS 2005-2022-style docking bars, Office 2007-2016-style ribbons, auto-hide control bars, MDI tabs, gauges, grid and report controls, flexible visualization managers, and more.

Highlighted product features:

Microsoft Office-style Ribbon Bar

  • Identical look and feel to the Microsoft Office Ribbon Bar
  • Office 2007-2016 visual themes
  • More than 20 types of ready-to-use controls
  • Ribbon Backstage View with built-in and custom pages
  • Customization of the Quick Access Toolbar and keyboard shortcuts
  • Ribbon mini-toolbar and context menus

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Visual Themes

  • More than 20 built-in visual themes
  • Microsoft Office 2000–2016 look
  • Visual Studio 2008-2019 look
  • Native Windows theme
  • Windows 10 or later accent color support
  • Windows 7 or later DWM support
  • High contrast modes support
  • Custom visual themes

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Visual Studio-like Docking Panes

  • The advanced docking algorithms allow you to set up the docking windows as you like
  • Docking to an application window and MDI children
  • Autohide mode
  • Tabbed docking panes
  • Floating panes
  • Docking pane containers
  • Visual Studio-like docking markers
  • Persistent docking pane layout

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Customizable Toolbars and Menus

  • Microsoft Office and Visual Studio-like customization
  • Persistent toolbars and menu customization state
  • User-defined toolbars, menus, labels, and icons
  • Keyboard shortcuts customization

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Grid and Report controls

  • Various cell types: text, numeric, combo box, date/time, color picker, check box, and others
  • Custom-type cells
  • Virtual mode
  • Rows grouping
  • Built-in field chooser
  • Filters
  • Merged cells

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  • There are various types of gauges that allow the developer to create digital dashboards
  • Circular gauges
  • Linear gauges

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