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Case Studies

Acdsee logo
"The BCGControlBar Library was chosen for its rich feature set and MFC architecture."
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Awasu logo
"We trialed several toolkits and while they all offered a decent set of controls, we found that BCGControlBar was the easiest to work with and most reliable."
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Intergraph logo
"We were attracted to the completeness of the solution that BCGSoft offered, and the fact that we could stay closer to the Microsoft GUI standards without the programming investment that was typically required was also a major attraction."
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Matrix logo
"The BCGControlBar Pro library offers a very easy way to rapidly expand MFC's feature set, providing fresh visual styles and extra widgets, without disrupting existing code or functionality."
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Nero logo
"1. BCGControlBar Library have provided all the features we needed - and much more.
2. Very fast and reliable support even while evaluating the library.
3. While evaluating it became clear that porting Nero to the library will take far less time than expected."
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PaletteCAD logo
"BCGSoft has everything to create a state-of-the-art UI and we could customize it in a broad level due to source code availability and helpful support staff."
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PROMT logo
"We have chosen BCGControlBar Library as the convenient, easy in use, flexible and reliable tool in the work, allowing to create the modern user interface, thus essentially saving expenses for development."
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